[USED] Nilfisk BA531D Battery Operated Floor Scrubber


[USED] Nilfisk BA531D Battery Operated Floor Scrubber



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Nilfisk BA531D Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber Drier
This walk-behind series retained the best of the former generations, and offered more comfort and productivity in an improved design. All machines are equipped with ECO Solution, which when activated reduces water consumpti by 50%.

  • Low noise level
  • Recovery tank can be tilted allowing easy access to the internal components and battery maintenance
  • Adjustable brush pressure, 45 to 53 cm interchangeable decks allow customization to the cleaning task
  • Ergonomic handle reducing operator fatigue
  • Brush click on/off
  • Symmetric brush on/off system allows left/right cleaning to the edge
  • Complete with prolene brush and pad holders
  • 920 watt motor, 55 litre tank, 53 cm working width
  • 250 Kg

Comes with

Squeegee, Internal Charger, 1 Pad Brush & Drive


2 New Batteries, New Rubber Squeegee & New consumable Parts Replaced

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