[USED] TASKI® Swingo 1650B Battery Operated Auto Floor Scrubber Dryer


[USED] TASKI® Swingo 1650B Battery Operated Auto Floor Scrubber Dryer



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Large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm) and auto scrubbers provide long run times and brushes that perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal.

  • Increased working autonomy
  • Excellent cleaning result
  • Immediately dry floors
  • Simplicity and ergonomic
  • Easy maintenance

Increased working autonomy
The TASKI swingo 1650 B machine’s 23 gallon (85 l) tank and the highly efficient IntelliFlow™ reduce water consumption significantly. Clean up to 27,000 ft2 (2,500m2) without time-consuming tank filling stops. Reduced energy consumption and high capacity batteries allow a run time of more than four hours before recharging.

Excellent results and immediately dry floors
The machine’s brushes perfectly follow the floor profile, delivering ideal soil removal. Thanks to the W-shaped squeegee, the TASKI swingo 1650 B scrubber drier delivers a best-in-class drying result. The machine can be used at any time of the day, while reducing the potential risk of slip-fall accidents caused by wet floors.

Simplicity and ergonomics
With excellent ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and minimizes training.

Easy maintenance
All components needing frequent cleaning/maintenance are color-coded in yellow and can be easily removed within seconds. The machine’s self-explanatory dashboard promotes easy maintenance, ensuring the best results and extending the lifetime of the TASKI swingo 1650 B machine.

*New Batteries replaced, come with 2 pad drive
Pad Brush $150 /ea (Optional)

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